Lucrative Search Engine Optimization – Top 3 Tested Steps to Search Engine Optimization

The term search engine optimization first came out in a spam message. Back in the olden days of the internet, site optimization is unheard of. Search results back then were very disappointing. You can hit a totally unrelated site to your search. Page ranking and search placement were very chaotic also. It was free for all and the net was a mix of junk and useful sites.

When search engine companies started to implement new methods of page ranking and search placement, search engine optimization became a must for webmasters and online businesses. Today, if you want to achieve top ranking in every major search engines, you need to optimize your site. A good page rank will result in numerous hits to your site and therefore increasing web traffic. This could mean more customers which could be translated to increasing sales and huge profit. To optimize your site for search engines, follow the top 3 tested methods which are outlined here:

1. Fill your site with useful content. This may sound old tune to you but it’s really the most important criteria of search engines in giving a site a higher page rank. Search companies have devised new ways to find out if your site is full of rubbish or if it contains very good and useful content.

2. Aside from good content, you must use key words in your content. Proper use of key words can give your site a good chance of landing in the first pages of search results. A simple software can help you find what are the commonly used key words by web searchers.

3. Optimize your web pages. Make sure you have an index page and it is properly linked with the other pages in your site. A highly optimized web site can be easily indexed by search engine crawlers and spiders.

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