Property Trends in London in 2010

When we pass by billboards selling products, we always vow we will not give into their advertising but always end up buying that new kitchen cleaner or camera a few days later. This form of advertising also applies to food, clothes and the property market. Like other trends, property trends change continuously and what might have been popular last year could be rather boring currently. As individuals begin to look for property this year, there are some trends that are beginning to stand out from the rest.

The status of the property market is still in high debate as experts all have different points of view as to where the market is heading. If you Google property market, you will see an array of different opinions and views on the industry and the upcoming trends. It seems that even though this market is unpredictable and will continue to be for the next few years, individuals are beginning to buy and sell homes and these numbers should continue to rise.

A feature that is currently being highlighted this year is architecture. Property analysts predict that the trend of architecture in property will come up more and space and design will feature now more than ever. Individuals that reside in the London area know that space is limited when it comes to property and this year, many are trying to make the illusion of more space in their home. The London mayor is soon to introduce the minimum space initiative and this means that new property that has yet to be built will increase and this trend will hopefully encourage bigger living spaces.