4 Rules of Engagement Online

You know those personal injury attorneys that are on all the TV commercials in your home city? A while back I got a telephone call from one of them. It was kind of surreal, talking to this guy from the commercials. The conversation went a little bit like this.


“I missed your Bar Association presentation about bringing in business with social media, but I would like to know- how can we get started with that at our firm?”

I then explained to this attorney the basics of social media, and the power of tools like LinkedIn, blogs, and Twitter to engage with potential clients.

“I don’t have time to do any of it myself, do you have some one that could just ghostwrite or ghost-blog for me?” Was his next question for me.

What he was really asking me was this: can I be social without having to actually talk to anybody? Nope, sorry- it doesn’t work that way. So I want to outline for attorneys, professionals, or anybody looking forward to bringing in business from social media the 4 basic rules of engagement for social media.

Be Active