6 Necessary Backpacking Supplies You Must Have For Your Backpacking Adventures

1. The first item you must purchase is a backpack. The backpack will be the container to carry the necessary items you will need for your adventure. Choose a backpack that is large enough for a multiple day excursion. It must be comfortable and fit securely to your body and shoulders. I suggest you load your selection in the store with items heavy enough to make sure the backpack is comfortable.

2. The next important item before you begin your adventure is to purchase a tent. This will be your portable shelter from the elements, especially if your trek is in wet or cold weather. It is imperative you sleep warm and dry at night. Select a lightweight tent rated for cold weather. If you go backpacking with a partner, your tent selection must be large enough for two.

3. Selection of a sleeping bag is the next most important purchase. In order to keep warm in your tent, sleeping on a thick, down filled sleeping bag made of synthetic material with a temperature rating of -10 degrees Fahrenheit. This selection for a sleeping bag will keep you warm.





4. Clothing is the next important selection. You must be able to keep warm is backpacking during colder weather. During cold weather, you should were thermal under clothing with breathable outer layers ending with waterproof clothing to keep you dry in wet weather. Also wear a warm head gear and carry gloves to keep your hands warm.

5. Another extremely important item is your selection of hiking boots. Boots are very important to protect your feet as you trek over rough terrain. Make sure your selection of boots is waterproof to keep your feet dry and comfortable. When you make your selection, you want your boots to be durable so you will not need to replace every year or so.

6. Last, but not least, is buying a backpacking stove. A stove will provide y