Cleaning And-Or Replacing a Furnace Filter

the family, it’s that furnaces are scary. But what’s even scarier then the basement-dwelling, fiery beast itself is the consequences of not keeping up with filter cleaning and removal. A clean filter lengthens the furnace’s life, enhances the overall performance, improves the indoor air quality, and cuts down on energy bills. And since the entire process takes less than an hour and you probably won’t even break a sweat, why not take care of it right away?

1. Vacuum or sweep the floor surrounding the furnace to rid it of dirt, dust, and dust bunnies. Furnaces filter the air from both your home’s heating and air conditioning system, so the residue buildup can build up.

2. Turn off the furnace. This is very important and safeguards against injury.

3. Locate the service panel, which on most furnaces can be found on the lower front or side. Open it gently with just your hands, or if necessary, use a screwdriver to carefully loosen any nuts and bolts.

4. Near the intake-outtake blower fan you will see the filter-a rectangular, mesh screen with a spongy look. It is inserted either vertically or horizontally near the intake-outtake blower. Gently slide the filter out.

5. Eyeball the mesh screen for brown or dusty buildup. Can you see through it? If not, it’s time to clean. Even the filter has some