College Experience Uncensored. Best Times of Your Life!?

school for way longer than that. Many painful years trying to transfer my credits around, starting over, and many, many failures did not and will not stop me from having a great experience and still finishing! But hey with the pain comes the amazing times and and let me tell you I had it all! Here I will be giving tips to those who don’t just want to get through school but is looking forward to have a blast during their College years!

Dorms! Hey I think it’s a must experience in someone’s College days, as that’s, if you are lucky, where u meet and bond with a group of friends that you will be friends with for the rest of your College career. Choosing the right dorm for you is important as some dorms are for Engineering or Arts majors and some are for freshman experience, some food courts are better and some quads and locations of the dorms are just way better, I have tried out living in different dorm’s through-out the campuses and believe me it matters of what kind of people you want to meet and what kind of experience you are looking for. If you are a freshman I recommend asking people around and go visit the campus first to see what kind of dorm is right for you. Walk around may be even meet people, look at campus map, go eat at the dorm diners. See what kind of food plan do you want and are you really going to eat at the diners, are you going have a car, will you be able to drive to get some late night smack or is there a snack bar open till midnight downstairs at the lobby of your dorm. In fact if there is a snack bar open late I recommend moving closer to it as it does help studying for midterms late at night and not be hungry. Also having food downstairs as diners is a very good thing as it saves you time for studying and, of cause party as well. Unless you truly care how gourmet your food is and how many stars the restaurant is where you are eating at that point but believe me, you probably wouldn’t, especially the first couple years in school as you will be busy having that great experience and of cause the most important – studying! Hey but if there is a pita pit on campus, that’s a great experience on its own, drunk pita pit was some of the best time’s in my live not going to lie, but you will probably get sick of it after a little while.

When it comes to making friends at the dorm, it will probably not be a problem. I personally think that dorms with community bathrooms are the best way to meet friends as well. Bring a boom box to your showers, make a good CD or something, don’t bring a beer to your shower thou save that for the time you join a Frat or Sorority, or get your own pad, it’s a called a “Beer Shower” and it’s a lot of fun with a bunch of friends. Walk down the hole; say hi to neighbors, those are probably your best friends for the next 4 years to life! Go to floor meetings and talk to people, don’t be shy! But even if you are, you will still meet tons of friends, hey you are in College!

Go to sporting events with your dorm buddies or ask your neighbors to join you. Go tailgating it’s always fun. College games are an unforgettable experience that must be done while in school as well. Make movie nights with your friends, go hangout on the grass outside to study or in the quad. Meet people of your own sex and then it will