Construction waste treatment resources

It is understood that,Guest Posting starting next month, the Kunming Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau and the District to view the construction site in districts that month, approved the month the delivery of construction waste disposal indicators, in principle, five Chinese, sun, vacation, High-tech Zone of the construction waste Unified transported to the processing base of the West Area; dragon, Guandu Economic Development, the Chenggong District transported to a processing base of the East Area. Construction waste sent to the two bases, two bases to issue five of the receipt, as a certificate delivered to the designated location. Municipal urban management and the end of each month on the district completion of assessment, reward and punishment or accountability based on evaluation results, and linked with the year-e

muck car over 2400 vehicles in the city have already installed GPS positioning and monitoring of the approved districts will have the construction site of the construction waste, muck truck transport routes and other real-time tracking control, muck truck no construction waste delivered to the specified two processing bases, or elsewhere, dumping of construction waste, the monitoring system will alert the event.

In addition, Kunming 14 mobile construction site bricks broken brick residue disposal equipment has been moved out on March 15 three-ring (tricyclic), because the mobile disposal equipment the city to use not only the surrounding environment will greatly pollut