Electronics Wholesaler Ankaka Releases Walkie talkie in shape of cell phone

Walkie talkie in shape of cell phone?– Intercom with 9 Games for kidsPeople of all ages love to use technology. A walkie talkie will be a immense gift for them. It is the most popular playing item for kids. They can communicate with their friends while running,Guest Posting playing hide and seek, cycling and much more. This is a two way radio receiver. Almost all children like to play with this fabulous toy.With our mobile looking walkie talkie they will be in touch all the time. It can travel up to 100 meters in an open space. If there are obstacles it can travel almost 30 meters. This toy will be a great attraction to them because of its shape. Parents can also use this excellent walkie talkie toy. In a large department store parents are worried about their children’s safety because they are naughty.






















If you buy our phone twisted walkie talkie it will not be a problem. You can find your children easily.This amazingly beautiful walkie talkie has nine games installed on it. These games are interesting and full of thrill. Children can pass the whole day by playing these games and they will not disturb you any more than you want.This walkie talkie is not for the professionals but for the children as it is just a toy. But still even elders can use this funny toy while playing with their kids or roaming around. So our walkie talkie is not only good for the children but also for the parents. They can look after their children with the help of this.You will need 4 AA size batteries to run this walkie talkie. You can find this walkie talkie in two colors; pink and yellow. Children like these two funky colors very much that is precisely why these colors are offered. It has an LCD digital display which will attract the children. It will also give a bright display. You can communicate with more than one person at a time. This facility will give the children more fun. You will get the sound very clear and sharp. It has a good speaker. Dimension of this toy is.This amazing toy is not too much heavy. It is light and can be easily carried yet it has loads of strength. You have to spend a lot of energy to break this toy.You can take this walkie talkie handset during hiking and camping. You will always remain in touch with your friends all the time. Teenagers are very much sensitive. You can check their activity by keeping this phone shaped toy in their room. This walkie talkie doesn’t require any kind of license because its frequency range is short. You can go back to the memories of your childhood while playing with this toy. This particul