How to get a sexy woman and keep her

How to get a sexy woman. It is not as difficult as it sounds. The truth is that you are wanting this woman because she is sexy. So you have to give her something of equal value in return. Something that many other men are not able to provide her with. That way it is beneficial to both of you. Where many men go wrong is they go into online chat rooms and say something like hey. I’ve not had sex for ages,How to get a sexy woman and keep her Articles my wife insists on sleeping in the spare room, let’s meet. Quite ridiculous. There are lots of men who never have sex with their wives, it’s very easy to get such a man, but who would want one of them? Him not getting sex regularly is not a reason to want to meet him, quite the opposite, to the woman it’s a good reason to run a mile. Who wants a man who is rejected by his own wife. What does that tell you about him? It tells you he is useless at sorting out a relationship, cannot make decisions, is not good at communication or rubbish at sex. He also has not got the backbone or money to get a divorce when it is that bad. She would end up being there just to make him feel better and give him sex with nothing at all in it for her.


Of course, these silly men say ah but I am offering you sex… wow. Forgetting that she can get sex off many men who are younger than him and single, very easily, so why would she choose the older man or the married man who has to rush home at a certain time, and has many restrictions timewise and in many other ways, instead? She would be shooting herself in the foot to settle for a man who only wants her for sex too. She is a woman. Women tend to want proper relationships, they like the idea that the man really loves them and cares about them. Otherwise she might as well sell sex. Plenty of men would pay a woman for sex, so how come she is expected to sleep with a married man for free instead?  There are women who are happy to have a loveless thing, a casual thing, and go with almost anyone, but they tend to be wise enough to realise this is something they can get well paid for and do it as their paid job.


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I am a woman and have often come across such men and they are clueless about women and relationships and extremely selfish. They see everything from their point of view. If they are three times the woman’s age they will say ah but age is just a number. Strange then that when it comes to him deciding what age he prefers age is very important and she has to be a third of his age. The young woman is the one who can pick and choose, she is the one who could sell sex for a lot of money, the old man would be lucky to get someone of his own age or older. Especially if he is married.


One thing a lot of married men say as an excuse to seeing someone and a supposed selling point is to tell their intended victim they are honest. But I did TELL you I am married does not mean they are honest. The reason he tells her this is because he cannot avoid her finding out if he does not tell her, and wants to be sure she is ok with it before he wastes time and money on meeting her or chatting more. Not because he cares.  He lies to his own wife, so why would he think it is important to tell the truth to a total stranger? Get real.


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If you want a gorgeous sexy woman who is younger than you and can easily get young single men you need to be ab le to match her offer. Money is what she wants if she is settling for an older man or a married man. And even then she will be able to pick and choose and say this one is too old or too this or too that and still get plenty of sex if she wants it. But remember she is settling even then, because she can easily get someone who is young, single and sexy, otherwise to her it is a business arrangement. If you work in an ordinary job or are jobless forget it. She is not going to settle for slumming it or the back of a car when you fancy sex. You need to be able to pay her, buy her expensive presents and take her to very nice places. Remember she can get that from a young and good looking single man, this is not something she is aspiring to like a fantasy. She can easily get it off what she would call a better man. How to get a sexy woman and keep her.