Nothing in the World Like Wooden Bar Stools

There is nothing like the look and feel of wood to add warmth and charm to any home. Whether it is wood floors, stands or other pieces of furniture, there is simply nothing more elegant and beautiful than polished wood. Perhaps, that is why wooden bar stools are a top choice among people who want bar stools for their homes.

Wooden stools can be made from a variety of different woods. Some of the most popular wood used in making stools today is cedar, teak, treated pine, cherry, mahogany and even bamboo. Each of these woods have a special color, grain and texture that lends itself to the beauty of your bar stool. What type of wood you choose is only limited by each persons individual taste.

Not only are wooden stools made from a variety of woods but they come in a wide variety of styles as well. You can find simple four legged bar stools that resemble those high stools used in the corner of one room school houses, to hand carved and very intricately designed stools that are a work of art in and of themselves and everything in between.

There are backless wooden stools, some with low backs and some with high backs, sometimes the backs are rounded and there are even a few carved to resemble a king or queen’s throne. Some have arms that are wide, some narrow and some with no arms at all. You can get wooden bar stools that are padded or unpadded, antique or brand new.

Wooden bar stools even run the gambit from quite inexpensive to ones costing close to a thousand dollars or more depending on the age, style and how they are made. These stools come in styles and price ranges that fit every decor, personal taste and budget.