Understanding Laser Eye Surgery Risk

have gone under the laser in recent years. While laser eye surgery is very safe, there are still risks which you should be aware of as there is with any type of surgical procedure.






It’s important to compare the benefits to any negatives from eye surgery. Provided you qualify, the final decision will be yours so don’t be influenced too much by friends and family who have undergone the procedure successfully in the past.

Laser Eye Surgery Risk

Let’s not try to portray too negative an image of laser eye surgery. Undoubtedly, you will be going in with eyes wide open and aware of the risks involved and by the time you are in the operating chair, you will have weighed up all the pros and cons and will be happy with your decision. Here are some of the associated risks which could occur:

– vision loss

– visual symptoms

– regular follow ups as a result of under or over treatment

– dry eyes

– diminishing results

Side Effects Of Laser Eye Surgery

Let’s examine the risks in a little more detail. Always keep in mind