The Best Watercolor Brushes

Exploring the best brushes, shapes and uses for watercolor painting: Unleashing Your Creative Potential

Selecting the right watercolor brushes is crucial

Watercolor painting is a captivating art form that allows artists to create mesmerizing works of art with delicate washes, subtle blending, and vibrant colors.

To truly bring your watercolor paintings to life, selecting the right brushes is crucial. In this post, we’ll embark on a journey to discover the best watercolor brushes available, helping you unlock your creative potential and achieve remarkable results.

Watercolor artists are constantly on the lookout for watercolor brushes that offer a unique painting experience. One such range of brushes that has gained significant popularity is the Mimik Squirrel Watercolor Brushes. Renowned for their versatility and ability to mimic the softness and absorbency of natural squirrel hair, these brushes have become a favorite among artists that use watercolor paints.

Exploring watercolor brushes, shapes, material and qualities for amazing results

Popular Hair Types for Watercolor Brushes

Before we begin, lets get to know more about the brush hair type and materials available and how they potentially perform. From natural hair, synthetic hair or hybrid blends of hair, understanding what the qualities are, the benefits can enhance your artistic techniques for watercolor painting.

Natural Watercolor Brushes – Watercolor brushes crafted from the hair of animals, like squirrel, goat or pony are cherished among watercolor artists for their top notch quality, flexibility and capacity to retain water and paint. Each type of natural hair has its own unique characteristics and properties.

Natural hair brushes provide artists exceptional performance, versatility, and longevity for creating beautiful watercolor paintings: Softness and Flexibility, Excellent Water Retention, Spring and Resilience, Natural Characteristics

Synthetic Watercolor Brushes – Watercolor brushes that mimic natural hair featuring innovative high quality synthetic hair created to the highest standards to perform like natural brushes. Synthetics are an animal-friendly alternative to natural hair brushes with other distinct advantages like: Affordability, Consistency, Durability, Versatility, Easy to Clean, Low Maintenance. Synthetics provide excellent performance and versatility for artists of all skill levels.

Natural & Synthetic Blend Watercolor Brushes – Watercolor brushes that combine the qualities of both natural hair and synthetic fibers to offer versatile and effective tools for watercolor painting. Synthetic and natural blend watercolor brushes offer artists the best of both worlds. The soft texture, moisture retention and flexibility of hair paired with the strength, reliability and cost effectiveness of fibers make them a top pick, for watercolor painters in search of top quality brushes.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Mimik Synthetic Squirrel brushes and explore their remarkable qualities that make them an excellent choice for watercolor enthusiasts.

  1. Superior Absorbency and Release: Mimik Synthetic Squirrel brushes are specially designed to replicate the absorbency of natural squirrel hair brushes, allowing artists to hold and distribute water with ease. The synthetic bristles of these brushes have a remarkable capacity to hold a significant amount of water, ensuring smooth and consistent color application. The controlled release of water and pigment enables artists to achieve delicate washes, gentle gradients, and beautiful blending effects.
  2. Soft and Responsive Bristles: The bristles of Mimik Synthetic Squirrel brushes are incredibly soft, providing a luxurious painting experience. This softness allows for delicate, feather-like strokes and enhances the overall control an artist has over their painting. The brushes are particularly well-suited for capturing the subtleties of landscapes, portraits, and floral compositions, where intricate details and soft edges are essential.
  3. Durable and Versatile: While natural squirrel hair brushes can be delicate and require special care, Mimik Synthetic Squirrel brushes offer the advantage of durability and easy maintenance. They are less prone to damage and are more resilient, making them suitable for various painting techniques and surfaces. Whether you’re working on watercolor paper, canvas, or even textured surfaces, these brushes adapt well and retain their shape over time.
  4. Range of Shapes and Sizes: Mimik Squirrel brushes are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, catering to different artistic needs and preferences. From round brushes for precise detailing and wash brushes for broad strokes to mop brushes for large washes and fan brushes for texture effects, the collection offers options to explore various techniques and styles. The versatility of these brushes allows artists to experiment and create unique visual expressions.

Shapes and Uses: Wide range of shapes for all painting techniques

Mimik Squirrel brushes come in a variety of shapes to cater to different painting techniques and artistic preferences. Here are some common shapes available in the Mimik Squirrel brush range:

Round Brushes: Round brushes are a staple in watercolor painting and are available in various sizes. They have a pointed tip and a round ferrule, making them ideal for creating fine lines, details, and precise strokes.

Flat Brushes: Flat brushes have a square-shaped ferrule and bristles that are typically square or rectangular in shape. They are well-suited for covering large areas, creating broad washes, and producing bold strokes. Flat brushes are also useful for achieving straight edges and crisp lines.

flat watercolor brush





Filbert Brushes: Filbert brushes have an oval-shaped ferrule and bristles with a flat, rounded tip. They offer the benefits of both flat and round brushes, allowing artists to create a variety of strokes, from broad washes to detailed work. The rounded tip is especially useful for blending and creating soft edges.

filbert watercolor brush





Script Liner Brushes: (also called a Rigger brush)Script liner brushes are a specialized brush commonly used in watercolor painting for fine lines, intricate details, and delicate brushwork. Script Liner brushes allows artists to achieve controlled and precise strokes

script liner watercolor brush




Dagger Brushes: Dagger brushes, also known a Sword or Striper brushes, are a unique and versatile tool widely used in watercolor painting. With its angled and flat bristles, the Dagger brush offers a range of techniques and effects to achieve both thin lines and broad strokes with a single brush.

dagger watercolor brush




Wash/Glaze Brushes: The Wash brush is a fundamental tool in watercolor painting, designed specifically for creating broad, sweeping washes and large areas of color. The large size allows artists to cover large areas of the paper quickly, making it ideal for creating background washes or filling in large sections of a painting and excellent for creating seamless blending and gradient effects

wash glaze watercolor brush






Oval Brushes: The Oval watercolor brush is a unique and versatile tool that offers a different painting experience compared to traditional round or flat brushes. Its oval shape and rounded bristle arrangement provide distinct advantages and possibilities for watercolor artists. The Oval brush is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of techniques and effects. Its rounded shape lends itself well to creating soft edges, blending colors, and achieving smooth transitions.

oval wash watercolor brush


For the best painting experience and outcome, it is important to use only the the best brushes for watercolor painting.

Mimik Squirrel Watercolor Brushes have earned their place among the top choices for watercolor artists due to their ability to replicate the qualities of natural squirrel hair brushes. With their superior absorbency, softness, and durability, these synthetic brushes provide artists with the tools they need to achieve remarkable watercolor paintings.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced painter, the Mimik Squirrel brushes will undoubtedly elevate your artistic journey, enabling you to explore new possibilities and unleash your creativity.

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